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Derek Lake


- Oversees the strategic direction of the choir and management of the committee
- Ensures the proper governance of the choir
- Manages the professional music staff
- Ensures good relations with vice presidents and other VIPs, and with external organisations
- Works closely with the Musical Director
- Chairs committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting
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Concert Manager:

Keith Torbet


- As part of the Repertoire team, helps to plan dates and concert programmes
- Books soloists and orchestras as agreed with the Musical Director
- Liaises with Concert Venues Manager over any special requirements for access or staging
- Is the main point of contact for all concert performers
- Handles any last-minute changes to artists on concert day
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Rehearsal Secretary:

Lesley Pratt


- Finds, books and manages use of venues for rehearsals, auditions, post-rehearsal socials, AGMs
- Maintains entries for these in online calendar
- Edits choir comms emails and updates website members' area with notices and documents
- Member of Planning, Publicity, Social and Website teams.
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Concert Venue Manager:

Geoffrey Barham


- As part of the Repertoire team, helps to plan dates and concert programmes
- Books concert venues
- Manages all the staging requirements on concert day including organising choir seating
- Liaises with venue staff to ensure a smooth operation
- Oversees audience seating requirements
- Ensures choir members are aware of venue facilities including refreshment provision
- Oversees all venue provision including box office, interval arrangements and programme sales.
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IT Manager:

Natalie Thurley


- Researches, sets up and helps to maintain various IT systems, including
---> public website and members' area
---> ticket sales facilities (via Little Box Office)
---> committee email accounts
- Assists Publicity Manager with artwork creation, marketing and social media.
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Box Office Manager:

Sara Davies


- Sets up and administers box office for concerts, selling tickets to choir members and the general public
- Maximises the choir's income from ticket sales
- Manages external box office arrangements on behalf of the choir
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Philip Tudor


- Informs singers which edition/version we will be using and associated costs to hire or purchase music
- Sources adequate stocks of music prior to the first rehearsal
- Issues music at the start of each term, and otherwise as required
- Collects music returned by singers not able to perform in the concert
- Collects music after the concert, chases down missing items and returns to lending libraries
- Hires out vocal scores owned by the choir to raise funds
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Patron Secretary:

Marilyn Vincent


- Represents the choir's patrons and VIPs on the committee
- Keeps patrons informed about the choir's activities and invites them to forthcoming concerts by email and letter
- Responds to patrons' preferences for concert tickets
- At concerts, welcomes our patrons, VIPs and other special guests, seats them, etc.
- Is responsible for record-keeping, including names and addresses and subscription records
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Publicity Manager:

Charlotte Beck


- Responsible for marketing the choir's season programme, recruitment, individual concerts and fundraising events, thereby maximising audience numbers and box office income
- Manages the production and distribution of printed publicity material
- Manages the audience database and mailshots
- Manages publicity via the choir's and other websites, and via social media
- Places advertisements and press releases
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Isobel Venner


- Collates and oversees the editing and printing of concert programmes
- Sells advertising space
- Advises the committee on programme pricing to maximise net income, as well as advertising prices
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Membership Secretary:

Catherine Wands


- Responds to enquiries about joining the choir, invites potential new members to rehearsal and arranges auditions
- Ensures all choir members have a record on the membership database and works with members to keep this record up to date
- Manages the registers and monitors rehearsal attendance
- Provides the Concert Management team with numbers of members singing in each concert
- Arranges reauditions for existing choir members as required
- Maintains a small list of singing teachers/vocal teachers based on recommendations from choir members
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Katherine Thompson


- Organises and records committee meetings
- Advises the committee on items of charity law and choir policy
- Files the required documentation and information with the Charity Commission
- Advises committee on training opportunities
- Advises on matters of procedure and governance
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Mike Richmond


- Has primary responsibility for overall financial management
- Manages bank receipts and payments
- Updates the membership database to record subscription payments
- Prepares gift aid claim from HMRC
- Prepares annual accounts for presentation at the AGM
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Assistant Treasurer:

Sara Gee



Music Team


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Musical Director:

Jonathan Willcocks


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Philip Scriven

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